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Hello there, welcome to my blog launch!

This is my platform to share my love for plant-based eating and cooking. This blog was created for the purpose of sharing some recipes that I love making, some tips for a happy healthy lifestyle and hopefully inspire you.

tinsyfit plant-based recipes and inspiration

I’m fairly new to plant-based meals but I have fallen in love with cooking and baking vegan recipes very quickly. For myself, what really inspired me in the beginning, were youtube videos of amazing, kind vegans who showed me that plant-based eating is incredibly beneficial for my health. Down the road, I also got a lot of new knowledge by reading some amazing books on the topic of plant-based eating and healthy eating in general. Books about fueling our bodies and nourishing them. Post on some of my favorite books is coming in the future as well.

tinsyfit plant-based recipes and inspiration

Not afraid of carbs!

I don’t want to focus my blog on negativity and bashing on the animal products. Rather, I want to spread the positive thinking about whole foods. Spread the love for juicy fruit, colorful vegetables, crunchy nuts, hearty grains and all the plant-based foods that we were meant to be eating. I want my posts to inspire you to think about food as fuel for our amazing bodies! Because without our beautiful machinery we wouldn’t be able to experience this life, world and everything about it.  If you wish to get to know me better, I welcome you to read mine about me page!

I wish you happy cooking and bon appetit!