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2019 new year's resolutions written in notebook

The good old 2018 is behind us. How has it been for you? When I look back at 2018 I feel positive and excited about the future, and that is most important. Regretting the past is useless and unhealthy for the mind, so always remind yourself to look ahead and be positive.

What are your goals for 2019? I bet that some type of weight-loss and health-related goals are the most popular new year’s resolutions.

These stress-free resolutions will help you establish some easy healthy habits for the upcoming year, and hopefully a lifetime. You should think of getting healthy as a long-term goal, that’s why we call it a lifestyle. It shouldn’t be stressful and complicated. Simple and small healthy habits lead to long term success which is maintainable and most of all, healthy. Which brings me to my first stress-free resolution and tip: ⇓

Little simple healthy habits

Continue doing those little things that you already do for your health and wellbeing. Even if you fell off track during the Christmas or New years celebrations (we all did, ok), that’s not a good reason to all going south.

Maintaining those small simple things like drinking water throughout the day or eating fresh fruit every day will give you a sense of accomplishment and a nice boost of motivation.

fall trees nature forest

Do you enjoy going for long walks in nature? Continue doing it, that’s amazing for your body and mind! Are you a big green tea fan? Green tea is one of the healthiest liquids you could drink besides water, so cheers! (Check out my blog post about healthiest teas and their benefits for more information!)

Spend at least half an hour a day working on your physical fitness. My personal favorites are pilates class or yoga at home, but you maybe prefer hiking or cycling which is just as beneficial! As long as you do something to move your body, you will detox your mind from negative stressful energy too.

Meatless Mondays

If you are not yet on a whole plant-based bandwagon, meatless Monday is a great thing to incorporate into your life. It is very popular right now, because we, as a society are starting to realize all the bad impacts of meat consumption on our health and environment.

bowl of quinoa salad with vegetables

Do yourself a favor and start the week with clean and wholesome meals that are based on plants, lots of fiber and nutrients. You will feel so much lighter and energized, the perfect cure for those long and rough Mondays.

And whenever you want to make the next step, start swapping one meal per day with a plant-based one. Your digestion, your health, and your whole body will thank you. You can find lots of plant-based recipes on here that are super easy to make and perfect for leftovers.


Social media cleanse

This one seems to be the hardest one for most of us. Spending all day on social media, looking at perfectly curated photos does more harm than good. Obviously, there are some cases in which social media can be a fantastic tool, for either sharing an awareness or spreading the word and love. But, spending too much time on there, instead of in real life can be harmful to our relationships and mental health in general.

social media

For this year, my goal is to have social media cleanse every month. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, every month I will choose one day and not check my Instagram or Facebook for 24 hours. I can already feel this will help my productivity, motivation, and relationships.

Are you up for the challenge? Tell me in the comments and we can do it together!

Be grateful

This is a big one I’ve been working on as well lately. Being grateful for what you already have will attract more good in the future. Not focusing on the things you are missing in life, but focusing on what brings you joy and happiness at this moment.

Obviously, we all have hopes and desires, but giving them positive emotion instead of negative will help in realizing them.

i am grateful heart sign

Waking up in the morning and feeling grateful for living on this beautiful earth with countless opportunities, having loving people around you, gives you such a big boost of happiness, motivation and urge to live in the moment. Meditation is a great tool to mindfulness and gratitude.

80-20 approach to eating

One thing I want to express here: don’t diet! Please don’t. Diets are just not healthy, nor do they work longterm. A sustainable wholesome lifestyle is always the best way to go when it comes to healthy eating or weight loss if that’s what you are going after.

About the 80-20 approach, basically what it means is focusing on having 80% of your nutrition naughty and 20% of your diet whole and nutritious.

HA-HA! You wish, right.

smoohie bowl with fruit

We all know it by now, 80% of the time we should eat as nutritious and wholesome as possible and leave that 20% for slightly unhealthy processed food to keep our minds sane. I usually eat as clean as possible during the weekdays and leave weekends to indulge in some sweets, pizza, chips, etc. This works for me, you might find another system that works just as good for you.

Important! Don’t deprive yourself. If you really want that cookie or donut, eat it and don’t feel bad about it. If the majority of your diet is wholesome and nutritious, a bag of chips here and there won’t kill you. Restricting yourself only results in overeating. You see, our mind works in mysterious ways. If you tell yourself you can’t have something you will crave that thing even more, and instead of having one piece of chocolate you will then give in and eat an entire block.

Vegan oatmeal with figs and coconut

Having a healthy mind is just as if not more important than having a healthy and fit body. If you feel like your diet or exercise is making you miserable and depressed, stop doing it and find another way.

I have a huge sweet tooth for example, but who says that I need to deprive myself of enjoyment when eating something delicious and chocolaty? Nope! When I crave chocolate I make a big bowl of delicious sweet snickers oatmeal, which tastes like dessert and is good for me.


fresh fruit platter

Key to success: MEAL PREP! This is why it’s easiest for me to eat clean on the weekdays: I meal-prep my food. All of my dinner recipes are 100% plant-based and made of fresh whole ingredients. That’s what I truly enjoy eating because it’s delicious and makes me feel good.

So to anyone who is struggling to consume healthy meals during the week for whatever reason, I recommend meal-prepping. Cook a big batch of curry and have it for next few days, it’s even better warmed up anyway! Soups and stews are also fantastic for meal-prep. You can even meal prep salad and fresh or steamed vegetables to side with different grains each day. Super fun!

Be kind to yourself and others

As cheesy as this sounds, not enough people do it, really.

Imagine, if every single one of us did one kind thing for another human a day, that would be 7 billion acts of kindness a day. Enough to make this world a beautiful and loving place. Try to make one person smile every day and you will soon notice how full and happy it will make YOU feel.

Being kind and loving to ourselves is also a rather rare thing these days. I like to blame social media for this one, for constantly making us feel not good enough. Every time we want to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook to share with our friends, we spend so much time searching for our flaws and erasing them with apps and filters. How is this good for our self-esteem and healthy mind?

buda mindfulness meditation

Let’s make 2019 a year of change shall we. Let’s all be more kind and loving to ourselves. Embrace all our strengths and flaws. Appreciate and respect our body and all it does for us by fueling it with nutritious and wholesome foods, kind words, positive energy, and movement.


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