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It has been quite some time since I changed my lifestyle and stopped eating junk and processed food every single day. Honestly, I didn’t do it for weight loss, it just came with time and it seemed like a good fit with an active lifestyle that I also started. I had digestion issues since I can remember and I just learned to live with it and it seemed normal for me to feel bloated every day. Now when I look back at my meals at that time, I see that my body was really lacking in fiber intake. I also used to eat meat twice a day and a lot of packaged and greasy foods.

Creamy plant-based oatmeal

The beginning of something new…

The first thing I remember that changed everything for me was eating oatmeal every day, either for breakfast or for a pre-workout meal and I got addicted to it real fast. I still eat oatmeal, one way or the other, most days of the weak and can’t believe that I don’t get sick of it, it’s amazing. I literally crave it! The creaminess and fluffiness of it are so satisfying that it almost feels like you are eating something bad. But in reality, oatmeal it is so good and nourishing for you, it gives you a lot of sustainable energy, keeps you full and has plenty of health benefits. I truly believe that oatmeal got me started to eat more and more healthy, and than as I educated myself, also plant-based meals every day. Oh, and my digestion is perfect now, too!

Plant-based oatmeal with blueberries

For the love of oatmeal!

A great thing about oatmeal is also how versatile it is. It is super filling, well-rounded balanced meal! You can make it in so many different ways with countless options for toppings. For example, in the summer, when it’s warm outside you can make overnight oats and eat it cold, but in the winter and colder days cook it and have it warm and comforting. You can put literally anything on top, from fresh fruit, frozen fruit, nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, nut butter, coconut flakes, whatever floats your boat!


Healthy vegan-friendly oatmeal strawberries


  • Author: Tina
  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 minutes
  • Total Time: 6 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving
  • Category: Breakfast, Snack
  • Cuisine: Vegan, Healthy


This is my basic oatmeal recipe that never fails. Filling and balanced breakfast or meal for any time in the day! All the toppings are your choice and taste preferences.



  1. First, combine oats and milk in a pan and bring to a soft simmer
  2. Stir while the oats simmer on a low to medium heat until they soak all the liquid and become creamy. If you use quick oats this only takes a few minutes
  3. When the oatmeal is cooked, transfer it to a bowl and add on any fruit of choice or nuts, seeds, nut butter. You can really mix and match here, depends on your taste and season
  4. Last but definitely not least, if you have a sweet tooth drizzle some maple syrup on top. And voila, there you have a simple but delicious and hearty oatmeal